Hi! My name is Renat.

Renat Ibragimov - Ruby, JavaScript developer I’m a creative, motivated software engineer and I love what I do. I’m passionate about web technologies as Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, ReactJS. I have been using Ruby on Rails almost exclusively for the past 5+ years, appreciate TDD, sharing knowledge, and clear, empathetic communication. I have built dozens of production web applications for clients and as side-projects during that time.

I have a passion for learning about technology, particularly software architecture, design patterns and staying up to date on the most modern ideas in software development, programming languages and security.

Got questions? Great! Send’em to renat@aomega.co


Ruby, Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Minitest, Capybara, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, JavaScript, ReactJS.

Phone (Whatsapp):

(+66)87 085 1776